Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Oh thank God I'm miscarrying. Abortions take too long..?

You know what?. I reckon the right to have children should be a God given unlock. Kinda like an achievement in a game, if you will. You should need to achieve a level of societal consciousness and compassion. You should have had to proven to the almighty through your "inner beauty" - unlike what's found on America's top model - that you're worthy of producing off-spring and that you are not a fucken total 'Gomer'.

"Penelope Trunk is a careers advisor who wrote a book in 2007 called 'The Brazen Careerist' , has a blog of the same name and was, until recently, CEO of her own company called, wait for it, The Brazen Careerist.

Well, we get the Brazen part. On the personal front, she is a divorced mother of two.

When the storm erupted, here's what she said to CNN:

'I have no regrets. I actually thought that having a miscarriage at work was no big shakes. It seems like everyone in the whole world would prefer a miscarriage over an abortion - even the Pope. It's no different to me saying what I had for lunch. I am not really sure why people are offended. To those who don't want to know, what would I say? Don't log on.""

The 'Tweet':

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Dunno about youse, but I can picture her wandering to the dunny, 'Slop slop slop flush', and off for lunch.

Sourced from: Mamamia


  1. She's obscene. WTF?? Some things are much better left unsaid and definately left untweeted to your 20,000 followers.

  2. What's worse is that she doesn't give a shit. She just 'doesn't get' why people would be disturbed. Makes you think she's REAL bitter and twisted.

  3. Wonder how many unfollowed her after that braaaaazen remark. Urgh. Biaaatch.

  4. Nat

    According to the story only 70 people unfollowed her.

    Bit to much information for most people I reckon.


  5. who would want to hit that?..i mean besides with a car?


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