Saturday, 28 November 2009

Authors critiquing books

Don't do it.

"For instance, Lovegrove demonstrates a strange tendency to slip in technically correct, but stylistically unsuitable, vocabulary into otherwise workmanlike prose - "steatopygous", "athwart", "besmirched" to mention a few words thus used, although it doesn't happen often enough to be a joke. And then, at one point, there is a startling moment when one of the characters, an ex-policeman, comments on the tendency of police officers to use " a florid, unnatural form of English" in their reports and has to stop himself doing it when he gets tired. Post-modern self-referential irony or not? It has to be - the rest of the technical aspects of the writing are too competent to allow it to be anything else. But whatever it is, it stands out like a quarterback's foot in your eye most of the time."

Shut up.


  1. Dude uses big obscure words when little ones would suit better. And then makes ironic reference to it.

    What of it?

  2. He's a dick.....with a dictionary. Your average punter should critique. Not twats.

  3. My favorite part is the "shut up" at the end.


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