Friday, 6 November 2009

Modern Warfare 2

The REAL sequel to Call of Duty 4 is due out on Tuesday, Au time. I reckon you might be able to get it Monday to Monday arvo coz there's no real dramas with playing it online inside a week of release.

Anyone getting it?. Wanna hook up?. I've only got the Xbox so if anyone's keen let us know.


  1. I pre-ordered it about a month ago. Do you mean "hook up" online or something? I'm an ignoramus as far as xbox live goes. Did you buy it and now you will be downloading onto your computer? I was away from gaming for so long that I'm a complete moron in these matters.


  2. Very keen to play it on-line with you, now I just need the game, an xbox and an xbox live subscription.

  3. Puma ~ Long time no talk. Yeah mate, hook up online. We can do a party game when everyone is ready, on Xbox Live. Do you have that?. Ya need an Xbox and an account that I think cost you guys like 50 bucks a year for the gold version that lets you play online. Party play is good coz we can just dick around with no stress from people you don't know. I know Havock and his kids will be keen. Let me know.

    Naut ~ One day mate, that'll be great.

  4. Moko - I'd love to play. The only reason I don't have gold now is I'm scared of getting addicted to playing L4D with a group online ;) May well pick up both MW2 and a gold subscription in the near future, just to come along for a run now and then.

  5. Like Naut, I lack all three requisite components - have fun!


  6. Was going to get it but the funds necessary are no longer available....


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