Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pics and vids from NZ

We had a successful trip back to New Zealand and it was really great to see the family again. I would've updated earlier but the only comments I got about going were from people on Twitter so didn't think the bloggy world gave a shit, but I checked the view count and there could be some lurkers. So apologies if for some reason you're hanging for some vids etc.

First stop - excluding dunners and such - was Milford Sound. Milford Sound is a day a bit trip from Dunedin - well, you EASILY do it inside a day but you'll be missing heaps - and you stay at a little lake side town of Te Anau. Te Anau is about 2.5 hours - if that, 2 on a good run - from Milford via some of most amazing scenery you're even likely to see.

Here's a vid of the Homer Tunnel. Google it. Amazing story. And watch it till the end. Amazing scenery there. But the tunnel is the decent from WAY up in the mountains down into Fiordland. 1.2k's long at a 10% decent. Be in awe of my driving skills.

Next stop was Milford Sound itself. Milford Sound isn't actually a Sound, but I won't ruin the story for you. Go and find out what it is. And they spelt Fiordland wrong. *face palm*.

Click this for the Milford Sound vid.

After Milford - don't forget the bug spray! - we ventured north and stayed at a place called Omarama. There's really fuck all there, apart from a bed. It was, however, nice and central - excuse the inside joke - to some more serious scenery.

The first day in that area we went to the Tasman National park. Which is more famously known and as Mt Cook ... or more PC ... Aoraki. Last year - dunno if you remember the vid - but we did a chopper flight from the West Coast and up and over which is on the other side. This next vid is the eastern side of those mountains.


Unreal place. Rugged as all buggery, but sooo fricken stunning no words nor pics can do it justice. You HAVE to see it.

Here's a another vid at Mt John Observatory. This place is a functioning observatory for the University of Canterbury. This is at Tekapo, inland from Christchurch ... practically. That's probably the best vid for scenery. We did a thousand more thing and stayed at some GORGEOUS places. I couldn't possibly share anything to do it justice, but there's a few photo's in my image blog on the top right there, and the NZ ones start from the bush shot with the gravel path.


...TO NEW ZEALAND, not my image blog ... well, go there too!


  1. Milford Sound, what an amazing place. I've never been to NZ. It's definitely on my list.

    Until you mentioned it, I didn't really know what constituted a Sound either. You learn something new every day!

  2. Awesome stuff! Amazing land ... need to get my ass down there.

  3. Great pics Mokes! Next time you're there cap aome of those fucking hobbits will ya!

  4. Thanks heaps for watching guys.

  5. Went at Xmas 2011 / New year 2012. Spent 14 days on a bus touring south and north island. Loved the place and the locals can almost speak good australian english (almost).

  6. I am thankful to you for the great information and nice experience shared with us.


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