Sunday, 12 August 2012

UnZud Here We Come

Haven't had a decent holiday in a few years and have been busting my arse with this job for the last two to the point where I'm about worn out. Unfortunately I broke my finger three weeks back and although that's a royal pain in the arse it's has given me a breather from work. Only have worked about three days in the last three weeks and have this week coming then have another three booked on holidays. Thank. You. God. Above.

I really needed it. Did I mention that?

We went back last year but it was a REAL flying visit as I could only get a week off and we filled it to overflowing with stuff. This year the goal is photography. We arrive in NZ on the 20th of this month and fly out on the 30th which is the second Thursday. We're heading to Fiordland for a few day - three, maybe - then off too Northern Otago/Southern Canterbury to visit the bluest lakes I've ever experienced too. Last year we took a chopper flight  from the West Coast up over and on the glaciers and up around Aoraki and Mount Tasman. This time, we're going to tackle it from the other side and venture around the lakes really just for the relax.

Obviously there's the family stuff and can't wait to see them and also we're going to check out Aramoana on the Dunedin Peninsula where I've promised to find Trace some penguins and seals. Wish me luck. Aramoana was on the receiving end of a terribly tragic event and I haven't been back there for years. I was there barely a month out from the massacre and all that stuff is just a fraction real. We were there for a BBQ just before it and wandered through the scene merely days out from it happening. Needless to say, I'm really uncomfortable there.

But, that's the past and I might take some flowers to remember them.

One week to go.


  1. Photography. Might have known. Looking forward to it.

  2. Look forward to seeing the pics mate

  3. I still don't feel comfortable out at Aramoana. Beautiful spot, and there's a really well-done memorial out in the heath behind the bush, but... it just feels like a place where a lot of Fucking Horrible happened.

    How long you in town for? Happy to chuck a few suggestions depending on how long you're here.

  4. I think it's because it's such a small place removed from the real world full of people doing no harm to anyone then a whole lot of Fucking Horrible did come to visit. That place was where you went to get away from EVERYTHING. I didn't like being there the last time. We'll see how we go this time.

    Thanks for the offer, but it's gonna be a whole lot of family stuff around home then heading bush.


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