Tuesday, 15 December 2009

No Clean Feed. Why Not?

Doc pointed out that sounds like a dodgy feed from a kebab shop.

I actually don't have a drama with it as long as it works right and only filters out the dodgy shit that is classified "Refused Classification" by the ACMA. Coz we're talking about criminal information and images here.

So what's the drama with it?. Excluding it not working correctly and blocking innocent websites.

...and before anyone says it, I don't have a drama with "Refused Classification" if there ends up being an 18+ gaming classification.


  1. They'll fuck it. You know they will. Already did, in the trials. Plenty of sites got blacklisted that weren't actually objectionable, they were things like gay sites advocating for safe sex practices, rape victim support sites etc. They're also being very Big Brother (old skool not the reality TV wank) with not wanting to tell people what sites are actually on their blacklist. Laws end up getting abused by at least some of the people who administer or enforce them, this is universal. This will be no different. But the particular fear is that abuse of these laws affects our ability to be informed or have fair and unfettered discourse. And of course that it's the first step on a slippery slope (mixing metaphors) to Big Brother style censorship.

    I don't care as long as NZ isn't dumb enough to follow suit.

  2. You want to be a Kiwi, don't you?. ;o)

    I know, I'm just stirring.

  3. I think it's dumb - i wrote most of this on twitter last night.
    I am thinking about the kids when i think about the filter -the speed of the net means information is immediate we will have to wait for approval. Because how long do you think it will be before sites need to be analysed and we need to wait for a site to be rated before we see it. What i'm saying is if the Iran style of thing was being reported on by the people in an unrated site and hastily created site - we and our kids wouldn't see it. there may be swearing or adult themes - will that get an R rating. AND with their potentially random and socially/morally damaging content would twitter or blogger get through? I could really fuck some kids up with pics of tentacle Pr0n and Lobster dildos as well as 140 character bomb making instructions.
    The rating thing will be an issue too, they'll prob not go with a R, which means rating slip is a problem as well- games/sites that blur a line between R & MA will get an MA SO the stuff that no 15 yr old should see, will be seen.
    as with movies and ALL things it's up to parents and guardians to make sure their little angels aren't learning how to overthrow the state

  4. ...and anyone who REALLY wants to get their stuff to Au could bypass the filter in 2 minutes flat.

  5. Thats what shits me, they can use it as a censorship tool to eliminate shit they don't like, but the real baddies will work out a way round this quicker than it takes two of Sen feildings brain cells to find each other

  6. Can we possibly adopt the "Lobster Dildo" as the anti-cleanfeed logo? ;)

  7. I hate seeing a bucket of money tipped into something that won't work and will in fact make this work worse than they currently do.

    As I said on twitter, spend the cash on the Feds so they can catch more of the kiddie fiddlers.

  8. My reasons for thinking it's a crock of shite
    1, To many false positives
    2, The government chooses via a secret panel what is banned and what isn't, which is wide open to abuse. Just ssying' you can trust us we're the government' is just a joke when we have a wowser as PM
    3,It's easier to install parental controls on individual PC's
    4, it will do nothing to stop the flow of kiddie porn as because of various crackdowns that is going underground via p2p sites.
    5, It is very easily circumvented.
    6, It is a waste of money because it's so easily circumvented.

  9. I was talking to the local member for Labor today. I was about to hit him up about this very thing but he complimented me on my coffee so I left it.

  10. It's the thin edge of the edge Moko, once we acquiesce to some "trust us" type censorship then it's a slippery slope to fuck knows what.


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