Friday, 18 December 2009

Google Wave Impression

Alrighty, had a play with it and it's unnecessary. Would be EXTREMELY handy for business related in-office info sharing or a staff idea jam sesh for whatever, but for the individual or group of friends a combo of Twitter and Skype works better.

"Waves" get clogged down with dozens of messages and it's nearly impossible to keep up unless you're in 'a convo loop'.

Get it if your office uses email to communicate, don't bother as a tool for yourself.


  1. I agree. We were looking at it for work purposes the other day and it might be useful for brainstorming etc. We'll wait and see as we've found it's problematic to get access to at this stage anyway.

  2. roger that..agree with your post.

    I have it and it just seems perfect for the office..or working at the office from the comfort of know..something like Rhino might be interested in.

  3. It'll eventually find a niche of usefulness I suspect, but right now it's still searching for one.


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