Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The VLAD Offensive

The fundamental attack on your basic human rights and absolute destruction of democratic law by the Newman government in Queensland with the complicity of the Queensland Police Service, judges, and media, serves as a warning to you that your vision of a democratic and free society is an absolute illusion.

The offensive condescension by the complicit media in the continual usage of the term "bikie law" is a slap in the face of anyone with half a brain. At no point in the VLAD legislation are you and I clearly separated from "outlaw gangs" and at no point does it state that you and I are free from being targeted if and any point we decide to stand up and be counted with our hand in the air screaming injustice.

The violation of rights of these Queensland constituents before and during incarceration is tantamount to crimes against humanity.

I have never been so offended, sickened, dismayed, angry, and sad, at the actions of a so called democratic government as I am with this travesty of a government and law.

Shame, to those involved. What an offensive legacy.

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  1. What is always forgotten with laws like this is that with time and use they creep until they become normal use instead of exceptional use.


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