Friday, 16 March 2012

Who wants to take sub orbit pictures?

I've got like eleventy million projects on the go which include getting in to the bush and do some shooting, First Person View RC plane, taking photos of planets, various photography stuff like getting shots of deer and stuff ... ANNNNND getting a camera up in a balloon and videoing the entire journey.

Why? Why not...

So this is my update. When I get some things to post here, I will.

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  1. I've seen several of those videos taken at the edge of space and I reckon they are FANTASTIC. Don't care if it's been done before & maybe it's because going into space was a childhood dream, but I'd love to get involved in sending one of those things up. If I can't see the earth curving under me in person, at least I could video a wombat or something as a proxy.

  2. Oh mate, people have been looking at the stars for a LONG time but there's still nothing like seeing them for yourself through a telescope.

    Definitely not looking for any finances. Already got the camera for it and a phone to use to track it. The rest is cheap as chips.

  3. Just reminded me of a Tame Impala music video where they basically strapped a camera to a weatherballoon, sent it up and brought it back.
    *20 seconds of Googling later*


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