Friday, 14 October 2011


I've made a deal with God ... and the All Blacks ... same thing really. I've been a staunch supporter of the AB's all my life and now is no different to any part of my life in regards to my loyalties. I will ALWAYS be a staunch supporter but one thing that separates the staunch supporter from the loyal supporter is your citizenship.

"Who you supporting?", one might ask.
"The All Blacks mate", you'd reply.
"Why them?"
"I'm a Kiwi...", you would need to add no more.

Without your kiwi citizenship you're just an expat. Like the poms that come out here and give up everything but their support for the homeland.

The All Blacks haven't won a World Cup since the very first one; in 1987.


Walk Like an Egyptian by The FUCKEN BANGLES was a hit that same year. Duran Duran was still throwing them out there. SAMANTHA FOX had a hit.

Nucken FUTS.

So I put it to the universe. Enough is ENOUGH.

IF the All Blacks lose this tournament I will go for the Australian citizenship.

Cross my heart.


  1. I've made peace with either result. A Wallabies win would be a Wallabies win, I've always been kinda meh-alright-whatevs about them but they are standing under my flag I guess. An All Blacks win would mean the end of the RWC doesn't completely suck as the entire nation goes into depressive mourning - which would be shit as it's been a fun party so far.

  2. Steady on. Stand by your squad. I've had to deal with St. Louis Cardinals and their fans for years, but I'm not going to move to Missouri or start wearing red. Screw them.

    Last time my fave baseball team (ye olde Cubs)won a championship, Australia was only a nation for 8 years. Caruso was the hit artist of the day, Russia was a monarchy, and Teddy Roosevelt was President. Air travel and wireless were the marvels of the day. I'd take 1987 for our last championship!

  3. YD shares your pain. A Kiwi work mate to ease the pain put $50 on the Wallabies to win sunday so that if NZ lose he will at least have $ to spend. Won't be enough to wash the taste out of his mouth from all the sh*t we will be giving him though. He of course wore his 2011 All Blacks rugby top on Friday. You know the one that has the collar malfunction creating a sensation of choking

  4. lol YD.

    The stress isn't good for me B.

  5. Congrats Moko!!!

    Beat the Frogs for me!!

  6. *waves frantically* WE DID!!!!!!!


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