Saturday, 1 October 2011

Our Chopper Flight Over and On the Glaciers

Bit long, but what ya gonna do.

Click the '360p' bottom right of the player when it starts and up the quality to 720. Full screen it too.


  1. Sweet! Good helo flight, looks like. Noisy bastards, aren't they? And some wonderful scenery as well.

    Thank you, sir!

  2. Thanks for watching mate. Yeah, they are a bit noisy inside.

  3. Great video, Moko. Breathtaking scenery, but you would never get me in a chopper :-) At 1080p on a big monitor this vid was beautiful.

  4. Glad you tried the 1080. Looks great for sure. Amazing experience. Mate, I can't STAND heights and all I was thinking for the first 10 minutes was that I was gonna die in the mountains, but that passed once we got up the first glacier.


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