Sunday, 12 June 2011

Why people should immunize their kids

So this is Tracy. Tracy is my partner.

Tracy has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and as a result of that has had a double lung transplant. Because of a botched ovarian cyst removal operation Tracy had her uterus taken out. Tracy cannot have kids. Tracy can't adopt - well sorta, maybe, it's a time frame thing - and Tracy can't find anyone to be a surrogate.

Every friend that Tracy has had was met in the hospital system because of the CF. Every friend that Tracy has had is dead. Dozens of friends are dead. Tracy had a life expectancy of months when she was born. She's fought her way out to 37 years, and counting.

That photo is of Tracy who is currently - at time of writing - in hospital suffering from RSV. She has it because some people won't immunize their kids. Tracy also has a fungal growth in her lungs that she is fighting. It's at the point where they are considering a plasma transfusion. A plasma transfusion takes 1000 people to happen. This stuff is PRECIOUS.

Apparently, at a rough 'guesstimate', around 75% of transplant recipients (Tx) from her hospital alone is suffering from whooping cough. Whooping cough IS killing not only Tx's but other people's kids.

Immunize your kid, for fucks sake. Tracy is fighting MORE than enough as it is, she doesn't need to fight your shit as well. I wouldn't mind keeping her around for awhile...


  1. I've never really understood the "no" argument for immunization. I mean, it seems to fly in the face of eons of scientific logic... and most of the people promoting the "no" argument can't seem to string a sentence together, let along come up with a compelling logical scientific basis for their cause.

    So yeah, immunize. And get the fuck better, Tracy.

  2. I posted this first at Barnes blog
    I believe I've said it before, parents who refuse to immunize are selfish idiots. Selfish because if there is a risk they want others to take it, idiots because if enough people follow that path then their child is at severe risk from not being immunized.

    Best wishes Mokes and Tracy.

  3. Moko - wishing all the best to Tracy and you mate, thinking of you.
    Yep, immunisation, good thing imo.

  4. Fear of immunization must be a recent thing. Me and my sibs were always immunized and so were our kids.

    Moko, best wishes for Tracy, I hope she is better quickly.

  5. Awww, frak.

    Look after her, Moko. And yourself, man. You may rely on the fact my family is fully vaccinated and then some -- and that yeah: we're passing on the message.

    Stupidity. It's a shame it's not more quickly lethal.

  6. Ours are vaccinated, if only others could be vaccinated against the stupidity of the anti-vaccers

  7. Had a lot to do with that abject carhnt Wakefield and his bogus study claiming immunization was linked to autism - work which was backed by anti-vax mouthbreathers


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