Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Well, THAT was an experience.

Last Tuesday we were sent back 130 years in four hours, technologically. Well, 130, with splashings of tech thrown in. Thank fuck for generators. We had something resembling an inland tsunami cruise on by picking up anything in its road and generally killing it. Fortunately we are on a hill, but not so fortunate were many many people around us.

There's plenty I could talk about but what I want to forget outweighs that. It took a huge emotional toll but we came out the other end still kicking. The missus got a bit sick from it all and we're still working our way through that.

I've got some vids and pics of the disaster, but nothing TOO spectacular. Just lots of water.

Hope everyone is okay and I'm glad to have the net back. Win.


  1. Yea The Moko returns. Good to see you back.

    Glad to see you didn't have to resort to Goat Curry.

    Hope the missus pulls through OK with out any lasting damage.

  2. Was wondering how you were and glad to hear you survived.

  3. Cheers guys. Thanks Puma. Me too. lol

  4. Welcome back mate. we missed ya!

    Give our best to Mrs Moko, hope she's doing okay.

  5. I have a mental image of you in drag singing "I will survive" and it ain't pretty.

    Got to here things are on the improve and the missus is picking up.

  6. Earth is making a mental note: "Water does not seem to kill a stubborn goat farmer".

  7. wicked, glad ya back on deck and the boss lady is on the improve. YEAH..I do love my generator.

  8. I take it you got me voice mail!

  9. Lots of water IS spectacular!

    You had some tweets for the ages during the floods. Brought the whole event down to a personal level.

    Hey, if you have enough power for a fridge, a sump pump or water pump, and a light, you can be living in high cotton while everything goes to pieces around you.

    Well done and glad to have you back!

  10. Glad to see that you are your's came through fairly unscathed.


  11. Good to see that you are alive and kicking.


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