Thursday, 20 January 2011

Flood photos.

These just give you an idea of what we were surrounded by. Click photos for bigger image.

This is the north end of town. This is the highway. By the mud on the ground you can tell the water was WAY higher than this. The main bridge is about 500 metres further on. IT's about 5 metres under water here. The bridge is usually 10 metres above this river. If you know this area at all. That turning sign is for Twin Bridges.

During flood.

After flood.

ME standing on the main highway to the town. Unfortunately civilisation is on the other side.


  1. lol...whos the fkn big heap at the waters edge HEY!....

    good shit, glad you lot didnt get washed out too.


  2. So you're next challenge is going to be riding an avalanche in the NZ ski fields in June.

    Good to see some perspective, like the comparison pics.

  3. Got the 'rotten swamp' smell there? Once water lies around the low-lying areas for a week or so and the underlying vegetation rots...mmmm, delightful!

  4. did you do any boating? And how bad are the snakes around there?

  5. H. That ruggedly handsome stunning example of manhood? Thanks buddy.

    Therbs, lol I was leaning towards going to Japan and riding one of those logs down the hill.

    YDog, We're high enough to dodge it, but at that north end photo it smells like nothing else. Really terrible.

    Puma, nah mate. Stayed out of it. Yeah plenty of snakes but the goats tend to keep them away which is good. But you've always gotta be aware of them.

  6. Where ever you are Moko there is civilization.

  7. Jeez...its gets hard to wrap your brain around once the water seeps up over everything.
    Hope all is well now.

  8. What Barnes said, mate. That's the attitude to take: Civilisation is where I stand, by definition!

  9. Wow. I'm so glad you guys are alright.


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