Monday, 24 August 2009

Playing with helicopter water bombers.

Not really back, but hello. *waves*

This registered a large blip on the givefuckometer so I thought I'd share it. And I know it'll FKN HVK the shits to know I was playing with choppers while he was working. HEE.

Take care.


  1. Cool. Hope fire extinquished without any problem.

  2. Cool man, love choppers, used to see the same things fighting bushfires around Perth.
    Just finished an excellent book, Apache Dawn, true story of the British armies Apache squadron on deployment in Afghanistan. Recommended reading.
    Hope all is well.

  3. he let you sit in it... drooooool

  4. Nice to see you here and nice to see you had such a fun time. Yep, we're all grown ups here.

  5. Lou ~ Bit smokey in the hills but no real issues here.

    Drej ~ Mate!. I'm sweet as man. No complaints. Cheers for the heads up about the book. Definitely look it up. Cheers.

    U ~ Yeah man. Real nice guy. I REALLY wanted to make ratatat

    Daze ~I love model rockets too. lol

  6. I like choppers but from a distance. Ain't getting me up in someting without wings :-) Very cool, Moko.

  7. I don't see the logic in jumping out of perfectly good aircraft from 10,000 feet. lol Thanks for watching mate.

  8. An aircraft is merely a bunch of parts flying in formation, so I've read :-)


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